Who is 't Meissie?

't Meissie believes that buying second-hand clothing should be more attractive and easier. That is why she will look for the most stylish second-hand clothing items for you. 't Meissie's mission is to inspire you by combining different items into complete outfits, which can be purchased on the webshop. This gives garments a new lease of life!

Extending the life of garments is what 't Meissie is all about, both vintage and second-hand. All this to contribute to a more sustainable environment for a greener world. During her purchasing she selects on material, quality, style, fit, condition and trends. In the webshop you will find chic clothing, with a cool twist and sometimes striking eye-catchers. 't Meissie is here for you!

The story behind 't Meissie

I am Amber Bravenboer and I am the face behind 't Meissie. As a young girl I always had a great passion for fashion. I created the most special clothing combinations and I wore three different looks in one day. As I've gotten older, I've become more aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the climate. I had trouble with fast fashion, because there had to be more sustainable alternatives, right?

For several years I have been buying and selling second-hand clothing through thrift stores, vintage stores, web shops and trading platforms. During that process I discovered my gift: I always know how to find unique items and make combinations. I can enhance clothing with my creativity and I feel what women need.

I want to inspire and help you by making it easier to shop second-hand clothes. This way you can also contribute to a more beautiful and better world and you also look unique and fashionable!

How does it work?

't Meissie shows you the possibilities with second-hand clothing by offering different combinations. It is therefore certainly possible to buy complete outfits. Since 't Meissie sells second-hand clothing, there is a chance that certain items are no longer available, take a look at the recommended items! Have you been inspired and are you looking for something specific that you can't find on the webshop? Then make an application, 't Meissie will be happy to help you!